Kat Lehman

Hi, I'm a designer & developer that loves clean & elegant code.

A little bit about me.

My home base is in Pennsylvania, with my family and furry friends. I stumbled into tech with relational database and it just blossomed from there. My background is in art, graphic design, and communications. After managing websites someone else created initially, I wanted to learn how to hand-craft my own site to fit my own needs.

As a life-long learner, curiosity about tech opened a door that continues to challenge me today. After I learned how to build websites, I realized I found something that gave me the ability to merge my creativity and technical background providing freedom & versatility in my work. Front-end development allows me to use my organization skills and eye for detail to write clean, elegant code.

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I love writing clean, well-formatted, semantic HTML5 by hand to make sure that the content is easy to read, share, trouble-shoot, and that is accessible.

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Well-Organized CSS

I find writing CSS that is easy to read and build on a joy and fun. I strive to keep my CSS lean and fast to load, and I make it a habit to stay up to date on current best practices in UI/UX and web development.

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Ease Converting Designs into Code

As a graphic designer myself, I can take a designer's PSD or AI file and quickly & accurately convert it into a webpage that is pixel-perfect match.